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Ultimate Warrior

In a recent interview, WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross revealed shocking information about fellow WWE Hall Of Famer James Hellwig, popularly known as ‘The Ultimate Warrior‘.



JR points us back to the time Hellwig filed a lawsuit against Vince McMahon and WWE. This was due to the unauthorized use of one of his catchphrases to sell their merchandise.

“It’s a nuisance suit. Hellwig needed the money and that’s it I mean, well to me it’s so out there. He needed the money because he didn’t invest well apparently, he didn’t save well apparently and it was a payday,” said Ross.

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler speaking

Jim Ross thought that the lawsuit was unnecessary and uncalled for. He says that the way and reason it was filed made it clear that Hellwig was doing it for the money.

Hellwig had apparently invested poorly and didn’t save well enough and was now in a financial crisis. He needed the money and was hence pulling out all the stops.

JR then mentions the strategy of Ted Turner, owner of rival promotion WCW. Ted Turner had the habit of always settling lawsuits with money, ending them at the root. This gave him leverage and space to negotiate terms. It also saved a ton of his time.

the ultimate warrior

“Vince may have taken a page out of that book-,” says JR, “-without you know inadvertently, ‘Let’s just get this off the books, let’s move on I got things to do, I’m busy and this guy’s gonna be a pain in the a** as he is’. That’s why I was shocked when he came back right before his passing.”

The Ultimate Warrior

Vince McMahon had more important matters to deal with in WWE
JR explains how McMahon may have used Turner’s method and let the entire issue slide off his mind. He didn’t take it upon himself to win the lawsuit but agreed to pay.

Jim Ross JR

Obviously hurt by what Hellwig had done, McMahon had better things to do on his time. JR says that he was shocked that Hellwig decided to come back before he passed away, considering the bitter way he left things at WWE.

“Again, I’ve said this before on the show. I’m not a big fan of the Ultimate Warrior never was and never will be. I think he has a beautiful family and I wish them nothing but the best, god bless them.

Jim Ross AEW

“They had to live with him and his craziness and idiosyncrasies and now be alone-tough. A goddamn tough hand to be dealt but he was not a good person in my estimation,” reveals JR.

However, he does have respect for Hellwig’s family and sympathizes with them after losing such a dynamic person.