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Jim Cornette and Kevin Nash

Jim Cornette and his wife Stacey were the subject of the #SpeakingOut movement. It was alleged that they groomed young OVW talent and inducted them into a strange “cult” of sexual service and other restrictions. Quite a handful of victims and wrestling stars have attested to it that indeed, Jim Cornette and his wife Stacey were sexually overbearing and manipulative.


Jim Cornette has denied coercing talent in OVW to engage in sexual activities with his wife to protect their careers… but admitted that he’d an interesting sex life. Jim also talked about the leaked pictures of his wife’s butt as well as his sexual assaults and activities: allegations sex life and threesomes hot tub.

Jim Cornette and wife face

However, Jim Cornette’s former best friend has attested to practically all of them. The Bolin Alley, Kenny Bolin has confirmed that the accusations against Cornette are practically all true.

The Bolin Alley, Kenny Bolin and his son Chris discussed Jim Cornette’s situation for well over an hour.

“Yes I was aware, and people ask me why didn’t I say anything? Well, number one it wasn’t my place to say anything number two anyone who would say something I would think anyone getting lured into this would be the one to say something.”

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It was said that nobody came forward for years because it would have cost most individuals their job. The wrestling business is tricky and political. This helped keep Jim Cornette’s secret hidden for decades.

Kenny Bolin also claimed that Jim Cornette’s wife had “already been with The Big Show before she met Jimmy.”

Bolin then commented that he’s seen “Big Show naked smoking a cigarette and that’s not a pretty sight all I know is that any girl he’s been with that’s not my territory.”

Big Show

Bolin then paraphrased an email from an unnamed former “huge star” in WCW. This story was about the first time he met Jim Cornette and his wife Stacey. Apparently, the situation ended with Stacey offering to “blow Kevin Nash.” It was not confirmed whether if Big Kev allowed her to do it.

Jim Cornette and his wife were asking male wrestlers for sexual favours in return for an Ohio Valley Wrestling contract. The victim said that when Jim was booking at OVW, if you wanted a contract or on his show, you HAD to perform sexual acts on his wife, many times with him watching.

One victim says that he was used by Jim Cornette and his wife to fulfil their sexual desires. He went on to say that Cornette has done this to multiple people.

Jim Cornette and Wife

Cornette was unrepentant, of course, and he said: But my own wife is not mad at me for anything. So apparently that just leaves, when you take all those other things out, fun?!? That’s what you’re left over with is just fun?! Day-off personal time amongst friends. Fun?! Isn’t everybody supposed to have their fun?”

What you’ve got left is I’ve been charged with having an interesting sex life.”