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WWE SmackDown Live general manager Paige has fired back against ex-boyfriend Alberto El Patron, criticizing him for commenting on El Patron Mental Health

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Furthermore, the Total Divas focuses on Paige revealing her new boyfriend. Hence one should as, “Has Paige found the one?”

In this clip from Wednesday’s all-new Total Divas, the retired WWE star reveals she is happily in a new romance, but is trying to keep the relationship under wraps. To complicate matters further, Nia Jax is eager to set Paige up with her brother!

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“Mr. Kalan is actually my boyfriend,” the Total Divas star confesses to the cameras. “Me and Kalan have wanted to keep it private because we just wanted to have our own little world for a second. I’m really happy and I didn’t want anything to interfere in this relationship, anything to ruin this relationship, because I’ve finally found a guy where I feel like he’s the one.”

However, Paige’s bestie has become suspicious about her love life as the Australian born wrestler previously spotted Kalan walking around the 26-year-old’s home.