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Vince McMahon Passed away and the company’s stock prices dropped aggressively as investors were worried that the company would suffer following the development.

The passing away of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon rocked the wrestling industry to the cradle for what seemed like a century even though it lasted just few days. Everyone was beaten to it, yes the WWE Universe slapped their chests at irregular intervals when the news came that Vince McMahon was dead.

There was tension in the air; we all inhaled it. The moments were electrical; it had a unique frequency and wavelength, second to none! Shock, fear and the murmur was the order of the day before the whole thing was discovered to be the other way round, a mere storyline.

So what really happened in case you never captured the details then was this? Nine years ago, one of the episodes of RAW came to an end with a sad, unhappy and dejected Vince entering into a limousine and just before the world could say Jack Robinson, the footage of the limo exploded and Vince was dead, going by the account of WWE Creative.

Yes, Vince McMahon “Death Angle” made quite a buzz on June 3, 2007 “One Night Stand” PPV event. Vince lost the ECW Championship at the PPV to Lashley and he was unhappy about it. He showed signs of depression and anger at the new champion and other stars.

June 11, 2007, “appreciation night,” the setting perfected for the send off of his character. Everyone felt sorry for him, a fitting end to his supposed death.

Vince was booed out of the ring with tears growing in his eyes and when he got to the exit, he took one quick glance at the company that has turned its back at him; then he fumbled through to the limo. Just about there, something else happened, bystanders laughed at him in the background as he opened the passenger door and sat down. And when he slammed the door…. BOOM! It detonated. Vince McMahon was dead.

Vince McMahon passes away storyline and the limo explosion

Then confusion broke in the air, everyone wanted to know what really happened. Fans, the media, everyone was “Ooh and Aah”. The media buzzed for what seemed like eternity.

WWE treated it as 100% real, and many sources reported it with the same frequency. WWE’s Stamford HQ got flowers and phone calls from business partners offering their condolences and the company’s stock prices drooped aggressively. was not disturbed by the development; they maintained the point that Vince was dead. And they went to the extent of covering the investigations of “federal agents” and showing flowers and cards outside WWE HQ with the company flag at half mast.

It was such a nightmare; oh yes it was!

The WWE Creative was bent on creating a scenario where presumptuously, Vince would be dead but things could not be perfected. Hence, the angle never materialized or gained the ultimate edge it wanted.

The following week, a real incident occurred this time lo and behold, it was the death of Chris Benoit. What a shock! What a fate! What a painful reality!

Vince appeared the on WWE T.V the following week and did as if nothing had happened to him or as if there was never an angle that pictured him dead – the angle was buried eventually and that is it about that.

However, it was interesting to know that in 2007 people were indeed fooled by a wrestling angle and even today, quite a good number of fans around the world are still fooled by a wrestling angle.

What a storyline!