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One of the certainties in life is death. It has often times been stated beyond every reasonable doubt that that man is a being unto death.

The wife of the WWE veteran Undertaker has been suffering from skin cancer which happened to be severe. It was announced that there was a rare chance of her surviving from the attack. It was so terrible.

Lately, rumor has it that Michelle McCool which is the real name of the Undertaker’s wife passed away Friday after a battle with skin cancer. This rumor has not been confirmed in any way to be true or false even till date but what we all know is that she had skin cancer.

It would be a very great tragedy if the news is confirmed to be true. The Undertaker would be left in serious melancholy and there would be little chance for him to continue with his WWE career run. We just hope this is not true. Stay online and expect latest updates on this issue and more.