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Former WWE Star Neville passed away after RELEASED By WWE and confusion broke out owing to death saga…

The current NXT North American Champion Ricochet is standing atop of the NXT mountain alongside the NXT Champion, NXT Women’s Champion and NXT Tag Team Champions. Ricochet coming to WWE has provided fans with the opportunity to see many possible “dream matches” and some of those dream matches have already taken place in NXT.

One dream match that will not be coming to fruition for the foreseeable future is a rematch between two former ‘Open The Brave’ Champions of Dragon Gate in Ricochet and PAC.

Neville, now going by “PAC” has resurfaced on the independent wrestling scene and a number of promotions such as Dragon Gate, Rev Pro, ‘Big League Wrestling’ and ‘OTT’ have all announced that they have PAC booked for upcoming shows.

Ricochet caught wind of that and noted on Twitter that he was sad that Neville is no longer in WWE because he would’ve liked to mix it up with the former “King Of The Cruiserweights” once again, but due to Ricochet’s wording, fans misread what he was attempting to put out there and they thought Neville passed away.

The current NXT North American Champion Ricochet tweeted out that he’s sad that Neville is no longer in WWE and some fans got confused and thought Ricochet meant Neville passed away.