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WWE RAW announcer, Joseann Alexie Offerman best known as JoJo who sits as a ring announcer on the Raw brand has lost a dear one.

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Monday’s Raw was without its regular ring announcer, JoJo, as Mike Rome handled ring introductions for the first time on WWE’s flagship program. At WWE RAW, JoJo was absent from the show at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts due to a death in her family.

This news comes from her official fansite, who sent out a statement Monday night on Twitter saying that her sister, Gigi, has passed away.

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JoJo will not be working tonight’s episode of RAW as she has been sent home from Boston. This is due to her sister, Gigi, passing away. It is with our deepest sympathies that we send our condolences to JoJo and her family. They are in our thoughts.

Late Thursday night, JoJo posted this message on Instagram remembering her sister.
joseann_alexieI’ve sat here for days wondering how or why this happened. My sister, a woman who has been there for me my entire life… just gone. I don’t understand, we were just FaceTiming each other about meeting up. Your last message to me was “I’m coming baby. I can’t wait to see you” then all of a sudden I don’t have you anymore. But I realize I’m not suppose to understand; I’m not suppose to question God.

I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am that God blessed me with you in my life; and I realize now He needed his angel back. I’m not suppose to understand; I’m suppose to accept. I sat there, numb, not believing that you weren’t around anymore. I sat there angry at the world that I couldn’t see you one last time. My heart is broken. So broken. My sister is gone. What I would do to see you and that beautiful smile one last time. What I would do to hear your voice one last time. What I would do to hear your laugh one last time. What I would do to hear “what’s up babe” or “I love you Jo” one last time. I’d give anything. I’d give the world to have you back Gi. I wouldn’t be who I am without you. I’m broken. I’m broken because I wish I could have done more to be around.

You were so perfect Gi, a light to everyone’s life, especially mine. I miss you like crazy. I want you back. I need you. All I can do now is be strong and hope that I make you proud. I know you’re looking down on me now and I promise to live life the way you would have wanted me to. And I will always look after your babies, Laila, Ava and Mikey ❤️ I will always carry you in my heart GiGi, until we meet again. I love you with everything I have in me, my angel ❤️ Rest In Peace.

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The wrestler who resigned from the company owing to her father’s health and tragic breakdown might still be ringing on the mind of the WWE Universe but Jojo is just here now; her presence is awesome and breathtaking.

Although Jojo’s sister has just passed away and that has caused quite a huge rancor in the WWE family as the ring announcer missed out in the last RAW, word is that, she would be back sooner than later.

However, Joseann Alexie Offerman who was popularly as Jojo later moved to WWE’s developmental territory WWE NXT in late 2013, after it was confirmed she would not be returning to Total Divas for its second season. She subsequently became the ring announcer for NXT.

Everyone agrees, JoJo absence from the show laid such huge loads on Mike Rome’s shoulders but that’s understandable; as the news came from Jojo’s official fansite, that she would be absent owing to her sister, Gigi, who passed away.

Hence, it is with our deepest sympathies that we send our condolences to JoJo and her family. They are in our thoughts. May Gigi’s soul rest in peace!