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Fans of the WWE Legend Big Show Are in freaking out right now as they believe that WWE superstar Big Show is dead. Speculations from around the WWE say that Big Show was shot and killed recently. This rumor, was however a joke.

This Rumor is initially generated from an article that is being posted virally on social media that declared Big Show dead.

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Big Show’s Death Hoax has become a plague on the internet for years and this is because people fail to do a little research.

Reading the article from the real source, it seems quite legitimate but the entire body of the story should raise little doubts among readers.

A tweet by the Onion below is believed to be the source of the Hoax.

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The story of Big Show being shot and killed was actually gotten from this tweet. But the phrase “to shoot and kill Big Show” is merely a satirical piece. It is doing a bit of a play on the idea of a child wandering into the cage or enclosure of an animal and the animal needing to be put down for the safety of the kid.

This Has made some fans threaten to open an investigation into Big Show’s death. Some truly believed that the WWE is responsible for him being shot.

The story is however a Hoax and should No longer be taken seriously.