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In WWE, it is very easy to point out some great men and women who have really made impact in the profession and still doing today and these once has their grand rooted strong in professional wrestling.

It is very hard to talk about wrestling without mentioning the legend Jim Ross. Jim has really impacted the lives of both new and existing talents both in NXT and in the WWE main roster. Recent report stated that Jim Ross had lost his wife Jan Ross as a result of accident.

According to report, Jan Ross got involved in an accident and suffered severe head injuries, including multiple skull fractures. After being hospitalized and put on life-support, Jan Ross passed away on March 22nd. What a tragedy! Regarding to the huge loss, the vice president of the WWE Triple H had to send his condolence which revealed to be very emotional.

Triple H said: “I would like to take a minute to step back and mention the passing of Jan Ross. What a tragic unfortunate thing. Jim Ross, JR, has always been a part of the WWE family and there’s nothing in your life that can prepare you for anything like this. It’s tragic and I just don’t know how to put in to words how sorry we are. Everybody here, our thoughts and our prayers are with JR and his entire family. We all knew Jan well and our thoughts and prayers go out to them all.”