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WWE has really got a cool plan for this Diva Champion

The WWE Diva wrestler Sasha Banks is a wrestler to always talk of in the field of professional wrestling. She cannot be done away with by fans or by any WWE officials because truly, she is a star in the WWE.

Sasha has not been away from WWE TV for some now and this has kept a lot of people wondering as to her whereabouts. Since after the WrestleMania 32, Sasha has only been seen thrice and her last appearance was on the 18th of April episode of RAW.

Because of the scarcity of Sasha, fans has thought that the WWE has lost interest on her and thus asking and re-asking the reason why they have not been seeing Sasha performing, not knowing that it is for her own benefit. Reports states that the WWE has greater plans for the Diva wrestler Sasha Banks.

What could these plans be? You may want to ask. Well, according to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling observer, the WWE has a long term plan for Sasha Banks and this is why the company has been downplaying her involvements with things in the company.

Lately, we got the report that WWE has plans of making Sasha banks the Women’s Champion at SummerSlam, this year because of her personality and popularity in the company. This is the reason why Sasha Banks has been off TV. See Dave Meltzer’s tweet below: