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Ric Flair speaks on his death as touching former agent Melinda Morris Zanoni wanted him dead following heart surgery

Ric Flair opened up saying, “I had a total of four different surgeries. I didn’t even tell Ashley [Charlotte Flair], my daughter.”

Ric Flair was a guest on Busted Open Radio yesterday and provided an update on how he’s feeling after he had heart surgery last month.

On how the whole surgery thing went about, Ric Flair said:

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“This time I’m actually taking the time to make sure it heals up. I’m actually feeling the best I’ve felt in ten years. I feel great. I can go out and…can’t work out yet just because…

What most people don’t know because I haven’t really opened up until now, is I had a total of four different surgeries and the fourth being three weeks ago today. I didn’t tell anybody about it except my wife and family. I didn’t even tell Ashley [Charlotte] because I didn’t want her to worry about it.

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But they were procedures. I had… they went in the first time to look for blockage, I had none. The second time they put me to sleep and they tried to shock my heart back, where what was happening is it was going into A-fib, if you understand anything about that, where it was into an irregular heartbeat.

That lasted two days. The third time I had what’s called an ablation, where they go in, it’s like soldering some stuff in your heart that holds it together. I was great for three days that time but it didn’t work. So the last technique I went in and it happened in the middle of the night, on Wednesday night three weeks ago. I couldn’t breathe.

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It had been bothering me for a couple of days to the point where I couldn’t walk like ten steps. I felt great while I was sitting down but I couldn’t breathe, so the only way to get myself into hospital and follow protocol because of the number of people ahead of me, was to go to the emergency room.

Even though I was straight through, maybe thirty seconds from door to door. Someone took a picture of me and that’s why it went upside down.

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Then I got there and I went and they found a blood clot that had been in my leg that broke off and went into my lung. So we got that taken care of, that’s why the surgery was put off for three days. Massive amounts of intravenous blood thinner and that was cured up.

I had fluid on my heart as a result of anesthesia from the three other surgeries. I’m giving it to you here as I’m learning it, okay?

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I had what’s called congestive heart failure so I was taking massive Lasix and lost nine pounds over the weekend, just fluid. Because I’d taken Lasix before but I always drank twenty drinks so it balanced out. [laughs]

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Then I actually came home and didn’t do anything and I went to one signing for Seth Rollins and his friend which I really enjoyed. But I’m not going back to work until Friday and this time I’m letting it heal up.”