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In a video posted to YouTube, Maria Manic responded to the news that her boyfriend, Teddy Hart, was arrested on March 26th after allegedly physically assaulting her.


Maria Manic wrestler

In the video, Manic stressed that she’s “perfectly fine” and detailed what exactly happened, saying she and Teddy got into an argument over something “silly.” She noted that Teddy has been training her to fight, and that sometimes in arguments, they use wrestling moves as a joke.

She went on to say that Teddy ended up taking her phone and holding it in front of her, which “pissed” her off, and in her attempts to get it back, Teddy felt she “smacked” him, which she doesn’t remember doing.

Maria Manic

This led to Teddy putting her in a chokehold, which she says she sat through as a test to see how long she could survive, before tapping out and being released from the hold. She said that since Teddy released her when she tapped out, everything was fine.

She then said, “I don’t know what happened” that led to him putting her in another chokehold, and that this one hurt “pretty bad” and that when she tried to tap out, he didn’t release her right away, possibly because she was tapping herself instead of him.

Maria Manic & Teddy Hart

She said this scared her and she told Teddy to leave the house for a bit, which he refused to do. At this point, she called her friend, Ace Montana, to come over.

Ace came over and he and Teddy began to get into it, and Ace had a gun. She told Ace not to pull out the gun. Ace and Teddy ended up going outside and Maria says she didn’t know he was filming footage of the incident and felt hurt that he posted it without asking her.

Maria Manic and Teddy Hart

Ace returned to the house after getting Teddy outside and said he called the cops. Maria said she didn’t want the cops called and didn’t believe in calling the police. She said she had a few marks on her neck but was fine. She told the police that she was fine and didn’t feel any need to press charges, but the cops saw the marks on her neck and arrested Teddy. She said she was going to call her lawyer to make sure they know she doesn’t want to press any charges.

Maria Manic

She then found out that Ace posted the video of Teddy outside online, and told Ace that he was supposed to come over and be her hero, not the hero of the internet. She questioned his motives of kicking Teddy while he wad down. She wondered why he didn’t talk to her about possibly posting the video before doing so. She also told him that if she wanted to call the cops, she would have done so herself.

She said that Teddy is in jail but she hopes she can “fix it.”

Maria Manic won

She also said that Teddy was not trying to hurt her and that if he was, he would punch her in the face, not choke her.

She also noted that she didn’t consider the incident to be physical abuse because her and Teddy are “the same size” and that she is “trying to be accepted with the men when it comes to fighting” and that if anything, to call the incident “aggravated assault” and not “domestic abuse.”

Maria Manic