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Following his rise to becoming the new WWE Heavyweight Champion after a grueling face-off in the ring of WrestleMania32, the Roman might have seemed to have emerged to be the most preferred candidate of the company to fight with Triple H.

This is despite the fact that fans have been indirectly making calls to Roman to change his attitude and behaviour towards them.

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It is clear with these growing rumblings in the company around the Roman that WWE officials have placed a larger bit of their faith in Reigns with his appearances in the main events of WrestleManias.

But as good as that may sound, there is a very real danger lurking in Reigns career if he doesn’t rebuild his character by focusing more of his attention now on his devoted fans who look out for him and want the best for him. Knowing the fact that with his kind of fan base, he could be the face of the WWE brand in the bearest future.

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Reign’s ability to fight both the good and bad guys and knock them out without taking any positions may likely result in him being the kind of wrestler hardcore fans will come to adore.