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Sanders’ notion of Super Tuesday from his CBS Sunday interview seems low on the optimism scale. His “I think” statements could deter his hopeful wins in the coming contests. Or could it be his silent confidence that Super Tuesday will upgrade his score in the Presidential race?

His optimism shoots up though about California and New York and certain other states but he failed to mention six states that may be to Clinton’s advantage. They are Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. And polls already predict Clinton’s upper hand in these states.

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Sanders, meanwhile, targets white and liberal voters states. And the four states he’s hopeful about will not yield as many delegates as the big six. Now that’s a problem if he is to win the general election.

The journey may be with obstacles for him through March as he has to make a win in Michigan (March 8) to boost his chances the following week’s elections.

Senator Sanders’ ability to thrive in the March 15 elections means the elections will head for Western States with more whites and a better advantage for him.

He admits to have not clinched the votes of older African-Americans that could have made a big difference in his results. He also asserts that good performance in one state could not be termed good for all African-American favored states.

Sanders Camp had good returns in Minnesota and looks forward to better election returns in forthcoming contests.