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It is revealed that the WWE has spent lots on new intakes but the best has not yet been discovered among them. But now, is simply looks like the quest for the best wrestler has finally come to an end as they have come to realize who the best wrestler is. According to this is a report according to the WWE wrestling observer Dave Meltzer saying:

“You finished watching this going like, this tournament was epic, and this guy [Kenny Omega] is the star wrestling performer of this world.”

Meltzer complimented Omega more by saying, “You know when it was over it was like, who’s better than this guy? Shawn Michaels ten years ago, Kenta Kobashi, yeah maybe.”

“But I mean like, now, even A.J., who’s pretty damn close, or somebody like, you know, I mean Okada’s fantastic. Tanahashi, if it’s a big match obviously. But god damn, this guy. He put on an incredible performance.”

More so, it has been declared that such high praise coming from the legendary wrestling journalist himself is a big deal, and will obviously work in full favour of the Canadian superstar. It has also been rumoured that Triple H wants Omega in the WWE, possibly taking him to NXT. WWE have tried a few times in the past to sign Omega, but the thirty-two-year-old Canadian said that he was happy in NJPW, as he’s given full freedom to do anything with his character.