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Jeff Hardy was hospitalised and ‘throwing up blood’ after falling from the Hell in a Cell roof. The Viper, who was laid on a table in the middle of the ring, managed to escape being crushed by Hardy – who had scaled the metal meshing for extra height after climbing a ladder.

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That resulted in the former US Champ falling around 20ft straight through the table.

The Cell structure began to be raised to the roof almost immediately as medics raced to the ring, with the 41-year-old being quickly pinned by Orton.

The master of the RKO declared Hardy “deleted” as paramedics attended to his injuries.And commentator Michael Cole offered an update to Hardy’s worried legion of supporters later in the night.

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The voice of WWE reported the stricken star had been taken to hospital and was throwing up blood while suffering huge “abdominal pain”.Afterwards WWE tweeted: “Victory for Randy Orton as Jeff Hardy has seriously crashed and burned in his first Hell in a Cell match.”

Fans took to Twitter to say it was “one of the most brutal cell matches of all time” while others said “that match was incredible” and “holy hell – that was so brutal”

Another WWE follower commented “he fell really hard, we all knew he would do something crazy”.Hardy, who has suffered a number of injuries in his career, is more than likely playing up his injuries as part of the storyline.

However, there were genuine worries over his well-being as the WWE Universe eagerly-awaited an update which Hardy provided today.

He took to Instagram earlier to post a video of himself, donned in facepaint and smiling. And he accompanied it with a caption.

Another report says it this way:

This Lastest night’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view got off to an explosive and brutal start as Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton turned the curtain-jerking match into more of a vomit-inducer with neither man backing down from the destruction and warfare that Hell in a Cell offers.

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Randy Orton has already taken to social media to show off his lacerations, but there was a great deal of concern for Jeff Hardy who was stretchered out of the arena after he crashed through a table from the roof of the cell – and WWE has provided an update on The Charismatic Enigma’s injuries.

Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton’s journey to Hell in a Cell wasn’t short of brutality, and it all started when The Viper returned to the WWE, targeting Jeff Hardy during his rivalry with WWE United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura.

Hardy promised that his first ever Hell in a Cell match would leave the WWE Universe with something they’d never forget, and he definitely delivered – but at what cost?

A match that saw Jeff Hardy’s earlobe stretched and contorted via a screwdriver and Randy Orton have visible flesh hanging from his leg needed something special to finish it – and Jeff Hardy swinging from the roof of the cell before going sternum first through a table certainly provided that.

Report just reaching us from says that Randy Orton May Have Just Ended The Career Of Jeff Hardy in the WWE Hell In A Cell 2018 bout. has released the following statement with regards to the injuries suffered by Jeff Hardy last night:

Following his brutal Hell in a Cell Match against Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy was tended to by EMTs at ringside. Cathy Kelley then reported on Instagram that Hardy complained of severe abdominal pains backstage, prompting WWE medical personnel to have him transported to a local medical facility.

The statement goes on to give gruesome details of Hardy’s condition on the way to the medical facility, detailing that he was kept in overnight.

Michael Cole later reported that Hardy began coughing up blood while en route to the facility. Once that subsided, Cathy Kelley went on to report that Hardy would be kept overnight for further observation.