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Alexa Bliss WWE Goldust iconic makeup

Alexa Bliss has stolen more than just titles since she jumped on the WWE main roster; she has captivated our attention as well as our hearts.

No matter how much heat she might receive in the ring, it’s evident that she’s living her dream and having a ton of fun in the process (even when she’s hosting a “This Is Your Life” segment).

Someone like Bliss has several sides to her and you might not have seen them all. Let’s explore ten sides of Alexa Bliss you might not have seen before.

# Alexa Bliss the cheerleader

Alexa Bliss the cheerleader
Alexa Bliss wore many hats growing up. She was a multi-sport athlete and a cheerleader at the University Of Akron. She was on cheer squads throughout high school while she kept herself in prime physical condition and was always full of pep.

These cheer pictures of Alexa Bliss are sure to lighten your day, even if you’re not a fan of sports that aren’t pre-determined.

Alexa Bliss the sport cheerleader

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# Meet Larry Steve

This pig has Alexa Bliss heart

This is not necessarily a picture featuring only Alexa Bliss, but I’m sure she would want you to meet her pig, Larry Steve, regardless. She loves her little piglet and has shared many happy times and meals with her favourite oinker.

# Little Miss Redneck

Scott Dawson and Alexa Bliss

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When a Superstar is testing out their abilities at the WWE Performance Center, they will sometimes try out different gimmicks before landing on one that fits. Scott Dawson and Alexa Bliss were paired up for a short time using a Southern-fried gimmick and even though it didn’t really hit the mark, it is certainly interesting to watch them in photo.


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# The Five Feet Of Ring Announcer?

Alexa Bliss became a mainstay in the ring, WWE tried out her talents as a ring announcer

Before Alexa Bliss became a mainstay in the ring, WWE tried out her talents as a ring announcer. All the way back in 2012, they wanted to see what she could do as a ring announcer.

It’s a good thing WWE let her drop the microphone and lace up her boots. Alexa Bliss had no name at the time and was simply used for her vocal talents. She does have a great voice, but her ability in the ring is what really keeps our attention, that’s for sure.

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# Alexa Bliss OG Fairy Princess Gimmick

Alexa Bliss has always been magic

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When Alexa Bliss was first making her NXT debut she was a glitter-blowing pixie character straight from your favourite fantasy book. She had a fairy princess gimmick and used it to the best of her ability.

The Twisted Bliss top-rope move was actually called the Sparkle Splash due to this initial gimmick. Since it was so long ago, any picture from this time period of Bliss’ history should certainly be cherished.

# Goldbliss or Alexa Bliss Goldust’s iconic makeup

Alexa Bliss Goldust iconic makeup

Alexa Bliss is a huge WWE fangirl and is currently living her dream as a WWE Superstar. Now that she’s on the main roster she can make all of her dreams come true in the ring as she mixes it up with some of the top women in pro wrestling.

But she also gets to share a backstage area with people she watched growing up. This is obviously an exciting prospect for someone like Bliss.


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Alexa Bliss WWE Goldust iconic makeup

Naturally, when she had the chance to put on Goldust’s iconic makeup and play a little dress-up she was more than interested. The pictures from this photoshoot are pretty great!