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There are things which can not be tolerated both in sight of the big and in the sight of the small. some things which some persons does really do not make sense at all. It is indeed a big disgrace for a WWE star like Emma to bring this sort of shame both to herself, the company and to her fans at large. see how it happened.

WWE star Becky Lynch has been in the profession for a long time now. She was involved at the WrestleMania Triple Threat Match although she lost the fight. Also, she was interrupted by Emma at SmackDown. Emma said that she came in before Becky and also accused Becky of stealing.

None of these athletes were featured on RAW but Becky had to say something, she said that she was not the type to steal spotlight which Emma accused her of and that she got to where she is through hard work. This was what she said;

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Yeah, she came at me quite aggressively saying that I stole her opportunities. I’m not the one who steals things. I have scraped and clawed my way to exactly where I am right now and I’m not going to stop until I reach the top.”

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Emma was fired from WWE in 2014 because she stole an i-phone case. But later on the issue was resolved when she opened up that she did’nt she had the phone case in bag having in mind to pay for it but she forgot. She pleaded and was re-hired into the company. This indeed is a shameful act, in fact she is a disgrace to the WWE Universe.