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The goodbye of Triple H to the world of professional wrestling is one thing we never saw coming, at least not so soon. But Shane McMahon’s emergence surely has changed a lot of thins and this is no different when HHH is involved.

There is word going around that Roman Reigns has been spotted a couple of times behind the scenes in the company of Triple H. Why is this happening now?

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The company has vividly failed to upgrade the contract of Triple H which is quite unusual of them. WWE usually renews employees’ contract in advance especially when a major event, such as WrestleMania, is coming up.

Then a snippet is given into a big probable reason for this overt lapse. Last week, WWE RAW Vince McMahon says, the outcome Shane’s fight dictates the continuance of Triple H and Stephanie in the WWE.

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Is this a Vince McMahon’s attempt to stop Shane, his own flesh and blood from assuming full leadership of the WWE? It is speculated that upon his victory against the Undertaker, Shane may ban Triple H and his sister from future WWE events.