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A Throw Back To Some Of The Greatest Moments From WrestleMania 23 Highlights….See Details.

The WWE twenty-third annual champions wrestling pay-per-view events took place on Ist of April 2007, at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan as presented by 360 OTC. This was the first event that took place on that field.

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The WrestleMania 2 and WrestleMania 3 also took place at the same venue. The events were well attended by most new Stars who made it a big deal in the business and the old Stars whose presence was felt by all. In fact the show was thrilling.

The WWE Company wanted to involve Khali at the WrestleMania 23 in a fight against someone of his match, The Big Red Machine, Kane, but the Great Khali choosed to go after those big stars like The Undertaker, Big Show And Batista and to mention but a few.

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Khali stood in for RAW Brand while Kane stood in for SmackDown Brand of which the match was letter tagged as the Interpromotional Battle Royal. To khali, his fight against was a no big deal to him as he forced a giant choke on his opponent and eventually won the match within a few seconds. The great khali had enjoyed a great deal for six month with WWE