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TNA has been a long time wrestling industry with Dixie Carter who has had a very long tenure of 14 years as the company’s president. During her regime, there was critism that she wrecked the company and superstars also complains about delay payment.

Lately, Dave Meltzer on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, said that the current Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer and former TNA President Dixie Carter may be on her way out of the company. She has been removed from power as the president of the TNA company and a new president has emerged.

It is revealed that the new president is Billy Corgan. In regards to Carter, Meltzer says despite what is said publicly, Carter is completely out of power, then says she is ‘pretty much on her way out’. Carter’s lack of presence at the last two sets of TNA TV tapings in Orlando and reported comments made about her are referenced and says he was also told by someone else that Corgan’s recent appearance on Vince Russo’s podcast raises a few ‘red flags’ as far as her status.

More so, Billy Corgan gave a remarkable statement at the Vince Russo’s podcast saying, “I am the President, I do have an ownership stake. It is a fluctuating situation, which I cannot talk about certain details because of it, but I would say it is moving progressively into the right direction, because a the end of the day, the company needs resources and the funding to continue, and I think those are good decisions that have been made so, whether or not at the end of the day I, or somebody else ends up owning the majority stake or Dixie keeps her majority stake, that has yet to be remain seen, but I see all the moves that are happening as good moves, but the one thing that I can tell you is that I am the President and I am running the operational part of the company. As you know, there are different parts of the company, that are not necessarily bigger than the President role, because the President sets the tone for the company, but there are other deals that get made that don’t have necessarily have to deal with the day to day product and the day to day running of the wrestling company.”