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As reported before now, TNA has been experiencing some sorts of melt down. They have even relocated from their head office due to the fact that they could no more pay their lease for their previous headquarter venue.

Also, TNA has been looking for investors to invest in their company but none of the seen investors were given the chance to do so. The reason was because, TNA still wants to retain the company but the investors are requesting for major ownership before the investment.

Now, the company has come up with new plans one of which is to restructure the contracts of their key players to maintain more creative control of the brand. This plan will help the company in a long run giving them full control of activities of the company and also bringing wrestlers under the ruler ship of the company.

More so, TNA is offering significant money deals to rope in new talents to the company. This is to ensure that the company regains all they have lost in time past. Come what may, the company is not giving up at all as Dixie Carter and John Gaburick still retains the major owners of the company.