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WWE Retribution Stable After WWE SmackDown

The WWE Universe has been all over the place these past few days looking for answers. The root cause of this is none other than the new faction Retribution.


When Retribution invaded SmackDown and vandalized the ring area, fans managed to capture one clue. This clue has led everyone on a wild goose chase to determine the identities of other members.

Retribution Faction MEMBERS REVEALEDThe group made their debut on Monday Night Raw and since then, the identity of the members has been in question.

WWE saw the invasion of a new stable of masked Superstars. Retribution is attacking whenever they like, but they might have a top Superstar behind their actions.

Retribution Faction MEMBERS REVEALED

WWE will sometimes drop hints when they have an idea about what they are doing next. Sometimes those storyline breadcrumbs are forgotten about, and it’s there’s no harm in that either.

The Miz seems to be involved with Retribution in some fashion. Last week he nearly missed a Retribution attack while saying that he was on the phone with Maryse.

WWE Reveals RETRIBUTION members

During this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, The Miz came out only after Retribution was run off by the second wave of Superstars.

This could be foreshadowing, but you never know what can happen when Vince McMahon makes things up as he goes. It definitely seems like WWE wants us to look at The Miz’s involvement with Retribution.