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Relationships in WWE are so rampant that we do not know where to start talking about this but somehow it has made the company much more interesting and intriguing.

Obviously some dates for fun and breakup before the WWE Universe say Jack Robinson while others stay a bit longer and probably lead to marriage.


Some have tagged it that the reason why dating is very common in the company has more to do with the company’s hectic schedule; Superstars are on the road every day and that’s not easy for it kind of restricts the male Superstars to tangle with the female Superstars everyday every time; hence a relationship is born easily.


In this light, there are a few superstars who are able to meet the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with whilst working for WWE and that’s awesome when you mention the likes of The Undertaker who got married to Michelle McCool and Brock Lesnar who got married to Sable.

However, marriages aren’t as common in WWE as relationships and the scandals that come out of WWE on a regular basis, but there are a number of unions of current WWE stars that the WWE Universe might have missed this year.

There are also a number of stars who were married back in 2016, 2017 and 2018 and have decided to hide their marriage only to finally publically reveal it this year. Here is a list of four superstars who fit one of those categories.

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#4. Jack Gallagher wedded Alexis Rose

Jack Gallagher has been making waves in the Cruiserweight Division and is perhaps best known for his feud with Neville over the Cruiserweight Championship lately, something that Gallagher is still yet to lift during his almost two years as part of the company.

Whilst Gallagher hasn’t been very lucky in WWE in 2017, it seems that he has been lucky in love since the British superstar tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend and fellow professional wrestler Clara ‘Alexis Rose’ Sinclare back in September.

Alexis Rose was one of two women who were part of World Of Sport when it was broadcasted on New Year’s Eve back in 2016 in the UK and is considered to be one of the best female wrestlers in the UK.

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#3. Rich Swann and Vannarah Riggs

Rich Swann married Su Yung got married in Match

Rich Swann married Su Yung got married in Match

Former Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann and his wife Vannarah Riggs have been all over the headlines for the wrong reasons, we dare say, but it seems that the couple has only been married for nine months.

Swann married his partner Riggs, who is also a professional wrestler known as Su Yung back in March after the couple had been together for more than five years. It is only recently that the issues between the two stars have come to the public’s attention.

Swann and Riggs live together in Orlando and Riggs has been working on the Independent Circuit since 2011 and it was whilst performing as part of the business that the couple met a year later.

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#2. Sasha Banks and Sarath Ton secert wedding

Sasha-Banks-and-HusbandSasha Banks is one of the most popular female wrestlers in WWE currently, so when it was reported that she was dating former Independent Wrestler and current WWE seamstress Sarath Ton, the news was received with mixed reviews.

This could have been one of the main reasons why Sasha Banks tried to hide the fact that she was married for a number of months before coming clean back in January and revealing that she actually married Sarath back in August 2016.

Sasha was told a number of times in her storylines to appear available and as part of her feud with Alicia Fox, she was forced to state that she was alone when it came to her personal life, so it isn’t completely Sasha’s fault.

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#1. Jason Jordan and April Elizabeth

Jason Jordan and April Elizabeth married back in March

Jason Jordan and April Elizabeth married back in March

It’s been a great year for Jason Jordan. Not only did he start the year as one half of the SmackDown Tag Team Champions alongside Chad Gable, but he was later moved over to Raw and revealed to be Kurt Angle’s illegitimate son, making him one of the main stars overnight.

Jordan has had a great year on WWE TV but it seems that his personal life has also been quite a successful one since the current Raw superstar married his longtime partner April Elizabeth back in March and the couple then shared the photos on Instagram, which was the first that the WWE Universe had heard about the reunion.