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Mandy Rose WWE beautiful Star

Who Is Mandy Rose New Boyfriend? Everyone seems to be asking this same question. Everyone is eager to know who now cuddling and smooching Mandy Rose when she’s just not wrestling or in the gym or doing workout. The WWE Universe is anxious to know which of the WWE Superstars is Mandy Rose romantically involved with.

Amanda Rose Saccomanno is the full name of Mandy Rose; she was born on 18 July 1990 (age 29 years), Westchester County, New York, United States and she a former fitness and figure competitor.

Let’s start from here… Mandy Rose falls in love again…

Mandy Rose currently lives in Orlando, Florida with her soon to be husband and longtime boyfriend, Michael Lubic. At least, Michael Lubic engaged Mandy Rose and marriage was being considered before the whole relationship thing between them was swept under the carpet.

boyfriend engages Mandy Rose

boyfriend engages Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose made her debut into wrestling in August of 2015. Her billed height is five foot four inches tall and her billed weight as a wrestler is 120 pounds. He trainers are Booker T, Billy Gunn, Lita and Sara Del Rey.

Mandy Rose might not be a fan of the way she looks in WWE 2K20 but it seems as if Otis is and he has been having some fun with it.

Michael Lubic engaged Mandy Rose

Michael Lubic engaged Mandy Rose

Who is Mandy Rose dating now…?

Mandy Rose has a lot of men very interested in having her company and Otis might just be pushing his way to the front of the line.

The Heavy Machinery member became famous within the WWE Universe for yelling “Pretty lady!” at Alexa Bliss. Now it appears he has moved his infatuation to Mandy Rose.

Mandy Rose WWE Star

The man who is known for his steaks and weights recently tweeted out that he’s clanging and banging for his peach Mandy Rose.

Recall that the Heavy Machinery member Otis has described Mandy Rose as “the most beautiful woman alive” as he celebrated her 29th birthday with a special tribute on social media.

Otis birthday message to Mandy Rose got the world wondering if the two were already dating. As a matter of fact, more than half of online media reported that Otis and Mandy Rose were already dating.

Mandy Rose dating Heavy Machinery member Otis Dozovic

Mandy Rose dating Heavy Machinery member Otis Dozovic

Otis desire to have Mandy Rose as his girlfriend and wife has been a long journey. Although new fans of the Heavy Machinery star will mostly be familiar with his athletic ‘Caterpillar’ move, long-term followers of the 27-year-old will know that his over-the-top character has been infatuated with Mandy Rose for many years.

Mandy Rose Might Not Like How She Looks In WWE 2K20, But Otis Sure Does

One week on from the release of WWE 2K20 and the dust appears to have settled after a tumultuous few days. The game was not exactly welcomed into the world with open arms by wrestling fans. Its serious graphical issues and problems that render it unplayable at times even warranted Sony to start handing out refunds to players who bought the game via the PS Store.

Mandy Rose WWE woman Star

Mandy Rose WWE woman Star pretty

However, WWE Superstars have been celebrating the game. For the most part, anyway. Considering how WWE treats those who speak out against it, it’s probably in their best interests. It’ll be why Otis tweeted that the game had “beautiful graphics” this week. However, when you see the snap he posted with the tweet, it starts to make a lot more sense.

Seems as if Otis is a bigger fan of Mandy Rose being in the game than 2K20’s graphics being “beautiful.” The picture is of his own 2K20 character holding hands with Rose and walking her to the ring. Rose has since seen the pic and reacted to it. Not because of what Otis said, but because of the way she looks in-game.

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What was that we were saying about Superstars not speaking out against 2K20? Seems as if Mandy Rose didn’t get that memo. The blonde half of Fire & Desire tore 2K a new one on Twitter in regard to her character design. “I look possessed and never wear my hair that short… comonnnn get ur shi*t together,” Mandy Rose tweeted. She’s got a point. The eyes in this year’s game on most of the Superstars tell a story, and it doesn’t have a happy ending.

As for Otis, this might all be a sign that he actually has a chance with Rose. She didn’t react in disgust to the sight of being walked to the ring by one half of Heavy Machinery.

Perhaps that’s an angle we could see unfold on WWE programming in the future. Then again, chances are Rose was so distracted by her demonic 2K20 character that she didn’t even notice Otis was even there.