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WWE Star Asuka

Asuka dating life has come to the forefront of her WWE career again as the WWE Universe takes a dive into her personal life, desperately meaning to know who Asuka is giving her soft romantic touches to when she’s just not wrestling.

Kanako Urai, better known by the stage name “Asuka” on the WWE entertainment industry has risen to fame by her talent, skills and impressive signature move.

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As the title holder of the first Women’s Royal Rumble match, she was able to earn the name of “Longest undefeated streak in WWE history.”

Asuka dating life has always been speculated by her well-wishers. They often wonder whether she is available to mingle with any boyfriend or not. But, fortunately, Asuka hasn’t dated any boyfriend until now, which means, Asuka is currently single. She has dedicated her life to her work and pursuing her career and dream.

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So the talented WWE Japanese superstar is focusing on becoming the best in her chosen field rather than to think about dating any boyfriend whether within or outside the wrestling fraternity.

What makes her case very unique and peculiar is that, until now, Asuka hasn’t sparked rumor or scandal with any boyfriend.

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As the 37-year-old lady, Asuka hasn’t shared her vows with a husband yet. Yes, you heard it right! Talented and energetic, WWE star hasn’t lived the blissful married life with a husband. She has devoted her life to the career which she loves the most and has no any interest in marriage and a life partner. It will be an interesting topic for the WWE Universe to know who will be Asuka husband and when she will give birth to her first child.

In any case, we shall keep you updated on her personal life and boyfriend should any information reaches our table.