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The current RAW Women’s Champions brought guesses and memories from “Bayley’s childhood” to mock her. Apparently, WWE officials wanted to give Alexa Bliss some extra heat before her Kendo stick on Pole match with Bayley at WWE Extreme Rules.

However, as creative as it seems to the WWE officials, the segment has received nothing but disdain from the fans, and it’s being considered the worst segments in recent memory. In fact, it now being ignored by the company and the entire world is trying to pretend like it didn’t happen. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to solve it all and some people are starting to wonder if the blame is on Alexa Bliss.

It is being reported that the blame isn’t on Alexa in the slightest although the segment has been considered a “trainwreck”. She actually later was being praised by her performance for doing her best under the circumstances. The general feeling backstage is that the segment could have gone even further south than it did. But the bad news is, a lot of WWE fans aren’t going to see it that way no matter what.

As bad as the segment may have been, a better Alexa could have been a byproduct of it. Her ability to push through and do the best she could, will score her a lot of points with the WWE powers. On paper, her performance should definitely earn a lot of trust backstage.

What’s expected is that Bliss would retain the RAW Women’s Championship against Bayley at the WWE Extreme Rules PPV. Since her appearance at RAW during the “Superstar Shakeup,” Miss Alexa has taken over RAW, and WWE officials are pushing her as the top lady in the Women’s division. That’s why she dethroned Bayley, and it’s very likely Alexa’s title reign will last for a while. Let’s see how it goes though, we bring you updates in the days ahead.