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The card is becoming more visible now, as we countdown to WrestleMania 32. Some fights for the flagship event have already been ascertained.

WrestleMania 32 is headlines now for wrestling interest groups. This is all so the more because some ‘Who Is Who’ of WWE is expected to feature. This is expected to be a long honor roll call.

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‘Stone Cold’ has been confirmed will grace the occasion, as reported by The Wrestling Observer. Shawn Michaels will be featured too, but the part he takes is yet to be known. A report says he may not be in the ring. But he may be the referee in the main event fight for the several- hour long program.

The Rock will be present too, and he has the honor to make whatever choice suits him. Ric Flair shows up as his daughter’s escort to her Championship fight. Generally, WrestleMania 32 has been tipped as a ground for multiple comebacks.