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It was indeed a shock to hear that a top WWE guy is currently in the hands of corps facing trials over what he really committed at first during an event.

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WWE has a common tradition of hosting live events all around the world and this is no new thing to any of the WWE fans. On Friday, WWE had the live event show in Buffalo, NY and during the show, it was reported that a fan was arrested after he allegedly molested a woman and assaulted two security guards at the event.

Report has it that the female victim who was molested said that the man who goes by the name of David Thompson touched her rear end at the Friday night event. The alleged molestation incident is said to have occurred at around 10 pm Friday night.

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More so, David Thompson who is 26 years old actually grabbed the woman’s rear which resulted to the security officers laying hold on him and is being accused of having bitten one of the officials and injuring another whilst being held by them. The charges leveled against him are forcible touching, disorderly conduct as well as second and third-degree assault. As it is, his charges are according to the court of law.