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Liv Morgan snap

Liv Morgan received praise from WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus on Twitter this week. Trish also responded to that fan and said she is proud. She wrote, “I am – everything…


The exchange began after Morgan called attention to how WWE referred to her as a local competitor for her official in-ring debut, which came on the November 4 WWE NXT episode. She lost to Eva Marie that night.

Liv Morgan entranceShe posted a screenshot from the match and asked her fans if they remembered that. She added, “That local competitor must have been something, huh? I hear people love to watch her [winking emoji]”

The RAW Superstar wrote in a follow-up tweet, “I was legit straight out of jersey in that photo. I wouldn’t let the glam squad do my makeup.

I wore Air Jordan 7’s ‘Marvin the Martian’. I only knew how to be myself. Anxiety through the roof because until that time, I never viewed myself as a ‘performer’.”

Liv Morgan

A fan tweeted a GIF from a spot where Morgan was referred to as having “shades of Trish Stratus” on commentary. Liv responded, “Ma-Trish …. Queen @trishstratuscom [heart eyes emoji] [heart emoji]”

Trish responded with a “kiss emoji” but then another fan commented that Trish would be proud of Morgan’s in-ring action.

Trish also responded to that fan and said she is proud. She wrote, “I am – everything @YaOnlyLivvOnce does makes me proud, I’m a big fan. Watch her – she’s a huge asset to the women’s division. [heart emoji]”

Liv Morgan laugh

Morgan wrote back, “Thank you for saying that… it really means more than you know [heart emoji]”