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After the WWE SmackDown’s No Mercy PPV event, the RAW’s hell in a cell became the next other biggest PPV in the WWE before the survivor series. And fortunately, it has come to pass.

Hell In Cell 2016 really answered to its name as the match was really hell in a cage not just cell. It was the first PPV’s ever that has featured women in a main event and this has also come to be a record breaking to the entire WWE Universe. The match is quite amazing anyway.

History has been in the world of wrestling as Sasha Banks vs Charlotte main the event of one of RAW’s biggest PPVs. The match started as Charlotte enters first carried to the ring like an empress. She’s followed out by Sasha Banks, in a rework of Sasha’s NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn entrance as she’s accompanied to the ring by bouncers and an SUV.

The hometown girl, Sasha Banks, is the overwhelming favorite tonight and expects some incredible false finishes in the upcoming match. This whole moment feels surreal for those of us followed the Women’s revolution from the days of NXT before the Four Horsewomen exploded, This is just the next step in the evolution of women’s wrestling.

Charlotte blindsides Sasha Banks as the Cell is on its way down. Charlotte sends Sasha face first into the announcer’s table with the Cell halfway down and Sasha and Charlotte proceed to brawl in the crowd. Sasha tossed Charlotte back to ringside as the Cell is finally down.

The Boss gets the announcer’s table ready as Charlotte tries to climb the cell!!!

Sasha joins her and throws her down, Charlotte catches Sasha in a bad spot and powerbombs her through the Spanish announcer’s table!

The match hasn’t even officially started yet and we’ve already seen a brawl in the crowd, Charlotte try to climb the cage and a broken announcer’s table.

The referee is helping Sasha who can barely stand as the referee calls for EMT’s. The doctor is on the verge of putting a neck brace on Sasha as Charlotte keeps on screaming for her title. More updates coming your way in a short while just stay and remain online.