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Jordan Devlin

Controversial news has come up regarding WWE NXT Superstar Jordan Devlin. The former Cruiserweight Champion is being accused of abusing a woman and has been blasted on social media.



The accuser, Hannah Francesca, shared pictures of her bruises on her Twitter account. These wounds looked serious which brings the entire situation under deep review.

“This is scary. I’m really scared. Jordan Devlin did this to me,” says Francesca. “And this is just the physical damage. Not including my arse and back bruises…because I don’t fancy posting that online [woman shrugging emoji].”

Francesca claims that the pictures of bruises she had posted online were not the only ones. There were others that she preferred not to share on social media.

Jordan Devlin

Francesca captioned here picture as follows:
“To the promotions, wrestlers and fans staying silent. I hear you. To the abusers tweeting their support. I see you.”

“I was also told to reach out to my abuser as the whole thing might just be a ‘misunderstanding’ ??????? Promoters…..educate yourself. Don’t gaslight your fans or talent.”

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Jordan Devlin isn’t the only wrestler to be accused of abuse
She claims that people have advised to go and talk it out with Devlin. They explain how it may have been a misunderstanding. However, the bruises on her body seem like there was no misunderstanding at all.

She also claims that many refuse to voice their opinions on the issue. There may be many people who keep silent to preserve their identity and not escalate things.

Jordan Devlin

Jordan Devlin lost his Cruiserweight Championship after the pandemic prevented him from returning to the USA to defend it. WWE decided to hold a tournament to decide the new Champion.

These allegations will be taken very strongly by WWE who are no doubt all up in the investigation. Devlin could lose his job and his career if he is found guilty of these accusations. WWE issued the following statement:

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“We take any allegation of this nature very seriously and are looking into the matter.”
NXT Superstar Piper Niven supported Francesca in her message by tweeting- “I feel like we are all just waiting for someone else to go first. I’m scared too, I see you and I love you. [heart emoji].”

Devlin himself is yet to make a statement about the allegations. This sort of case isn’t uncommon and the wrestling world has seen a rise in the number of them in recent times.

WWE will soon reach the bottom of these allegations and then decide what is to become of Jordan Devlin.