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Bill Goldberg and Bret Hart speak

Bret Hart has always blasted and blamed Bill Goldberg for the injury that punctuated his early retirement from wrestling. But it doesn’t seem like Goldberg has many fans right now and WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart certainly isn’t one either. Goldberg inflicted the blow that ended Bret Hart’s career at WCW Starrcade in 1999.


A full-pelt mule kick straight to Hart’s head left him with a severe concussion and it forced him into an early retirement.

The Canadian has often been accused of being bitter since that moment. Whether it’s about the Montreal Screwjob or Goldberg’s errant kick, Hart has never pulled any punches.

The Hitman has always prided himself in looking after his opponents, too. You’ll find several interviews where he says the thing he took the most pride in during his career was looking after his opponents.

Bill Goldberg

Talking to Stone Cold Steve Austin on Broken Skull Sessions, Hart spoke about Goldberg and said he was the most dangerous guy you could work with.

“I always knew what I was doing. I would hurt myself before I ever hurt another wrestler. And I just wish some of the wrestlers I worked with, especially at the end [of my career] like Goldberg. He was one of the most unprofessional wrestlers to ever work in the business. For Bill Goldberg to be in the Hall of Fame… he hurt everybody that he worked with.

Bill Goldberg and Bret Hart

“You might as well wrestle a real gorilla. He was the most dangerous guy to work with. He hurt everybody that he worked with; I remember Curt Henning being in pain all the time from the matches they had.

“And even when I worked with Bill, I always think the last words I said to him before we went out and had that match where he injured me and ended my career, I said “Bill, whatever you do out there, don’t hurt me. We can do whatever you want, we can do anything. Just do not go nuts.”

Bill Goldberg and Bret Hart walk

Goldberg is a limited wrestler at best. Today, he is a part-timer with WWE and he has been brought in to provide a big-time match for Roman Reigns at WrestleMania.

To do that, he had to beat Bray Wyatt in Saudi Arabia and not many fans were happy about that. Goldberg has a few select moves that he does/can do and a lot of hardcore fans don’t want to see it anymore.

Goldberg feels sorry

Goldberg has recently responded to the criticism saying he did not deliberately hurt Bret Hart and that it was an accident that he regrets.

Goldberg, in his interview with Inside The Ropes, said that he never meant to hurt his opponent. The WWE Hall of Famer said that if he had any intention of hurting Hart, the latter would have never gotten up again.

He apologised for his miscalculated kick and said that he has always looked up to Hart and idolised him.

Goldberg said that he would forever be sorry that Hart ended up injured while wrestling him in the ring.

Bill Goldberg and Bret Hart aged

You can almost guarantee Hart doesn’t want to either.