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Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash is one of the most important superstars in the history of professional wrestling for a variety of reasons.


But his move to WCW in 1996 with Scott Hall changed the industry forever because of their guaranteed contracts.

Now, stars are paid totally different to how they were decades ago.

Kevin Nash

Nash, now 60, retired from being an in-ring competitor in 2011 and he has now revealed why he absolutely had to.

He had a knee replacement and stem cell therapy having ‘destroyed’ his right knee in 1986 and now claims he is in the best physical shape, adding he ‘worked 29 years on one leg.’

“The reason I retired was I was deformed and basically crippled,” he tweeted along with a picture.

Kevin Nash

“This knee replacement and two years of rehab and training has been brutal. Just get my hips to re-align was incredibly painful. To the haters, f**k off. To those that have championed my recovery I send my thanks and love.”

Nash was a founding member of the NWO, one of the most influential stables in the history of wrestling.

He was also a multiple-time world champion in both WWE and WCW as well as a prominent figure in TNA for a while.

Kevin Nash

Now, in April of this year during WrestleMania 36 weekend, Nash will be inducted into the Hall of Fame with his NWO brothers Hall, Hulk Hogan and X-Pac. It will make all four men two-time WWE Hall of Famers.

Nash was one of the main superstars that helped WCW defeat WWE in the ratings for 83 weeks once upon a time.

Kevin Nash

However, speaking to talkSPORT last summer, Nash said he believes AEW has a long way to go before they are real rivals of WWE.

“Of course it’s on their radar,” he said.

Kevin Nash

“But if you’ve ever been around that megalopolis of a business – when you’ve got someone like Triple H running at 100 miles per hour all day, every day – they’ve got a big, wonderful publicly-traded enterprise they’ve got to run and take care of every day, they can’t put too much time thinking about competition.”