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At the 2014 Royal Rumble, many fans have been sad over the firing of CM Punk especially as it came on his wedding day.

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CM Punk’s decision to leave the wrestling business was influenced by WWE’s decision to ill-treat him which eventually matured into his releasing and of course, his dear wife, AJ Lee left shortly after.

CM Punk is still angry with the company but words rounding up now imply that the former WWE superstar is likely to return sooner than anticipated as WWE is bankrolling the lawsuit which he pinned against them.

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During an interview with of The Art of Wrestling nearly a year after his release, Punk said disparaging things about WWE’s Creative, the backstage politics, and most importantly, the medical staff’s refusal to treat some of his injuries. This later gave birth to a lawsuit between Punk and WWE that is still going.

For the record, Dr. Chris Amann is particularly the one behind the lawsuit against Punk and Cabana

After several updates on this matter, we can say for certain that WWE officials want the lawsuit to go away, but it’s a complex olive branch between Punk and WWE for the two parties to put the legal issues to bed.

However, the WWE Universe remains hopeful that both parties can find peace and possibly rebuild the bridge between them. A return to the ring for CM Punk is now something boiling especially as Vince McMahon has apologized several times to him saying everything that happen was not intended to spoil his wedding and whatnot

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It’s nearly four years and it seems the lawsuit will go as far as Punk wants to take it, so the ball is in his court but word is that Punk is already re-considering his decision and may drop the case and return either in time for Royal Rumble or WrestleMania 34.

From this end, we only hope both parties soon stop thinking about the past and move on.