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Daniel Bryan, former WWE superstar and the husband of former WWE Diva Brie Bella. Daniel has resigned from professional wrestling due to injury and to be honest, fans are really missing him.

On the other hand, popular WWE Diva Sasha Banks is a renowned fans favorite wrestler. Sasha has been away from TV and many persons have suggested as to what the cause may be. Some time ago a wrestling observer said that she Sasha was kept out of TV for a very special purpose saying that the WWE has plans of taking high in the career.

Later on, we discovered that Sasha Banks has been off TV all this while due to injury which she sustained during a live event. She stayed for a fairly long time that some of her fans even thought that she has been secretly disposed out of the company.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the boss of the WWE Company directly compares Sasha Banks to be Daniel Bryan because of their similar acts and injury lifestyle. Could this be true? Well, closely looking at it, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter may be very correct. How do you see it?