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We have long waited for the WWE Heavyweight championship. It is barely few days to the event and we just can’t wait to see Roman Reigns and AJ Styles facing off at the big event of Payback. I believe that there are ongoing hard training by wreslers by now because the event is going to be a crazy one.

Previously, on RAW, we saw again how Gallows and Anderson attacked Roman Reigns after his concluded with Del Rio. AJ styles came to the scene with the intention of helping Reigns but he received a blow that threw him aside. Sounds funny, isn’t it?

Later, when it seems that Reigns would end the match, AJ rose up only to knock Roman Reigns down. Wow! this is painful. The funniest thing after the match was that AJ Styles and Roman Reigns were in the ring regaining their selves while Gallows and Anderson were outside smiling celebrating and hailing fans.

After the whole thing, Roman Reigns was very angry and was warning AJ Styles using Twitter. AJ Styles did not keep calm, he also replied via tweet. This is just a preamble of how Sunday payback would look like. See their tweets below:

This was AJ Styles’ tweets in responds using the Japan News Paper