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Indeed it is very sad reporting another death from the family of the WWE SmackDown live general manager after so many things that has happened to him lately.

Daniel Bryan gave his retirement speech some months ago due to neck injury. It is revealed that Bryan always had the mind of returning to the WWE ring as an athlete but it seems that it would never be possible again for him to do so.

During the time of the injury, Daniel’s doctor revealed to him that he would never be cleared to return again to the ring as a pro wrestler. It was so sad because Daniel has been leaving his life as top WWE superstar.

More so, it was previously reported that Daniel Bryan’s dad had passed away and this heaped in the mind of Bryan, coals of fire. The death of Daniel Bryan’s daddy was an unexpected just like most deaths.

He did not show any sign but we were only notified that Daniel Bryan had loss his father. Oh, what a painful story.
Furthermore, WWE revealed that Daniel Bryan learned of his father’s dead after returning from his honeymoon with Brie Bella.

Bryan’s father was mentioned on the “Journey to WrestleMania 30” documentary that spotlighted Bryan’s upbringing in Aberdeen, Washington. This death has been some time ago but still very fresh at heart. It is still a great pity to Daniel Bryan.