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The WWE came up with the whole idea of wellness policy in 2009 after the sudden death of Eddie Gurrero in 2006.

Still on that same year, it was made clear to all talents in the WWE that any one whosoever will be found guilty of violating the policy will suffer specifics punishment which indicated that a first time violation will suffer a 30 days suspension, then two time violation will suffer 60 days suspension while if the superstar went further to violating the policy for the third time, he or she will immediately be terminated from the company.

Lots of superstars had fell victims over the years and the punishments were levied on them as supposed. The recent violations that come to the mind now are that of Roman Reigns, Alberto Del Rio and his girlfriend Paige. Just recently, report got to us that another top superstar has been suspended due to violation of the wellness policy.

WWE announced that The Total Divas and WWE SmackDown Live star, Eva Marie, will be penalized with a 30 days suspension for violating WWE’s Wellness policy for the first time. This is just within the range of that of Alberto Del Rio and his girlfriend former Divas champion Paige. With this, one will want to ask, what has come over these talents?

Regarding to her 30days suspension, the WWE did issued her an official statement which read thus: STAMFORD, Conn. — WWE has suspended Natalie Coyle (Eva Marie) for 30 days effective immediately for her first violation of the company’s talent wellness policy.

Rumors has it that she was confirmed today to leave the company but no news about the confirmation of her suspension has been published by the WWE, so, stay online as we inform you when the WWE finally confirms her suspension.