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There is no point defining Spring Cleaning because we have all known before now what it means when the term spring cleaning is mentioned. Since this year, the WWE has conducted several spring cleaning which really affected lots and lots of fans favorite superstars. And this time’s seems to have Alberto Del Rio is the list.

It really seems as if another spring cleaning exercise is at hand and now all superstars are really trying to hide their head so that they may not be involved by the exercise. But as bad as it is, nobody can hide from the WWE when his or her name is in the list of the superstars to be released no matter how hard they try making it happen.

Recently, we reported that the WWE has brought out a list of superstars to be released before SummerSlam and this is to create space in the WWE main rooster because of the WWE NXT superstars who are expected to come in troop.

The list included top superstars such as Tyson Kidd, Ryback and two other Diva superstars who we have thought could ever been released by the WWE. In each of the above superstars, there are reasons why they must released from the WWE and some of the reasons are as follows; Ryback’ case is no longer a news because he has long been in a feud with the company over some months when he made the request of equal salary which was not granted.

More so, Tyson Kidd has been sidelined with an injury for long and it is most certain that he may never be cleared to return to the ring again because the injury is quite very severe and his doctor will not just allow him return even though he insist he must come back. It is revealed that the injury which Kidd was the same injury which led to Daniel Bryan’s retirement.

Furthermore, Alberto Del Rio has been revealed that ever since his return to the company the WWE has not benefited anything from him and yet he is being paid huge amount of money. So, for this reason, the WWE will have to show him the door.