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Former WWE Divas Champion has Fallen In Love with another Superstar and fans are not happy about it.

This is just coming at a time we least expected but what do we do or say, former WWE Divas Champion Paige has fallen in love again; this time with former United States Champion, Alberto Del Rio. OMG! Is that true?

Well, like all matters of the heart, we do not have absolute control over it. In order words, when we think we wouldn’t give it to certain urges; little do we know that we have already lost the battle or fallen for the bait or game. Yes, love is wicked!

So its understandable fans are shooting at Paige with all malice and whatnot. Behold, they held her to their hearts and they expected a better stuff from her – but that’s it with this thing that has to do with the hearts, at times it makes you do stupid things. Unimaginable things!

As per this report, there are two things worthy of noting; (1) The last we heard of Paige is that she was dating Kevin Skaff, who is the lead guitarist and a backup vocalist for the band A Day To Remember. That’s what we knew, so far.

(2) Paige is dating Alberto Del Rio; that is what we just learnt. How and when did Paige break up with Kevin Skaff? And when did the relationship between Paige and the former United States Champion started that they are now publicly displaying photos of themselves kissing, caressing, cruising about and thingy?

So can we now officially say Paige has broken up with Kevin Skaff and now dating Alberto Del Rio? Keep you posted on any development on this story…