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Long time ago before now, Finn Balor has always teased his WWE main rooster debut and same did occur just before the WWE Money Night RAW kicked off.

It is reported that few hours before RAW started, Finn Ballor posted on twitted and in few minutes deleted his post. His post in nothing but a tease at his WWE main rooster debut which many believed would have happened last night at the RAW show.

It was revealed after he has posted and deleted his post on twitter that he is on backstage and so many persons kept on believing that he may truly be debuted in the WWE’ main rooster.

The actual scenario that brought up such imagination was that there was no superstar in the NXT rooster for Finn Balor to face and this has made a lot of folks to believe that this week’s RAW will definitely mark his debut.

It was reported that last week, Finn Balor faced Nakamura. Favorably, WWE draws close to its brand split date and the returns of various injured stars and the debuts of various NXT call-ups are bound to happen in the upcoming weeks. While these arrangements are being made, Finn Balor on the other hand is busy teasing his WWE main rooster debut.