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WWE Superstar Ryback is the next to be laid off from the company; all hands are on deck and the writings are clearly seen on the wall.

Sources have reported that Ryback had a meeting with the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon as touching a number of things including his pay vis-à-vis hotel expenses for talents. This is coming after he was sent home from the just a few minutes before the last WWE RAW began.

Ryback was part of the original plan to contend for the WWE United States Title which Kalisto currently holds, even though we know he was not going to win the match.

Effectively, the decision that sent him home must have been made at the last minute. Yes, it was; Ryback and Vince McMahon didn’t reach a compromise and that sent the bell ringing.

Ryback claimed that his issue with the company has nothing to do with his pay but that is not what the Wrestling Observer reported. The Observer stated that Ryback wanted more pay as well as asking the company to be paying for hotel expenses for talents when they go on the road. This implies that WWE would have to pay for hotel expenses for about 300 days a year. That is impossible. Hence, Ryback is likely to be the next star to be released from the company this Spring period.