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It is obvious that several of the WWE superstars has one thing or the other to say about the boss Vince McMahon.

No one can ever know things about the boss unless he chose to reveal it to the one he pleases. former WWE superstar and champion Ryback appeared in an interview with and told the story of how Vince McMahon would change Ryback’s storylines for ridiculous reasons.

Vince McMahon stopped selling Ryback merchandise even after it was revealed that he was the second most selling superstar in the company at the time. See Rybacks conversations with Kevin Eric below:

KEVIN: It was during my time on the WWE creative team that you started referring to yourself as “The Big Guy” in interviews. The first time you said it, me and some of the others writers thought it was great and made it a point to include it when writing your promos. However, one day, during a booking meeting, [WWE CEO] Vince [McMahon] said he didn’t like you calling yourself “The Big Guy.” He said it was silly and told us to never put it in a script ever again, even though you had it on your tights at that point. So we had to do as he said, yet you continued to say it anyway. Did Vince ever tell you directly to stop saying it?

RYBACK: I was only ever told exactly what you said while in the WWE, but he personally never told me that. He also banned me several times from hitting my head and saying, “stupid,” but now, “stupid idiot” is totally OK. I would get adults and kids alike coming up to me impersonating me saying “The Big Guy” and “stupid,” so it only makes sense that Vince didn’t understand it and thought it was silly. Makes about as much sense as telling me when I was the No. 2 merchandise seller in the company to quit saying “Feed me more” and to let my merchandise tank. Explain that theory to me. It all goes back to the ankle injury, but it is his company, and he can do what he wants with it.