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The match between The Shield vs The Club has been much expected by fans and the WWE has really been making plans to ensure that this dream is realized sometime somehow.

The reason why the match has not been allowed to come on air or stage is simply because, Vince McMahon and other WWE officials are still very keen on the feud precipitating, but want to give The Club a strong booking before pulling the trigger, reports. The report also stated that Finn Balor is soon joining the group.

This match is soon to happen as the feud against AJ Styles and John Cena will soon come to an end, while The Shield wrestles their Triple Threat Match. It is so amazing seeing brethren wrestles over a championship title.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson has been the backbone of AJ Styles as we always have seen in the matches of AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson will always come to save AJ Styles and also ensure ensures he wins. As in the case of Roman Reigns if not that Reigns stood undefeated and with The Usos also by his side. John Cena is another example a practical example at that.