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This last episode of the WWE monsday night RAW happens to be the first RAW show after Survivor Series and it seemed to be an addition of what happened in Survivor Series.

It revealed that Seth Rollins had to face Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal title match and the green light of the match was actually beeping for Seth until Chris Jericho walked up from nowhere and attacked Seth Rollins. Seth then offered him a pedigree and sent him out even though he was not awarded the title.
The show featured huge matches which included that of Rusev VS Enzo Amore and Braun Strowman VS Sami Zayn. These matches happen to be walkways. Rusev defeated his opponent Enzo while on the other hand, Braun defeated Zayn.

More so, the match also featured the women division with Sasha Banks and Bayley facing Charlotte Flair and Nia Jax. The result turned out to be excellent as Sasha Banks and Bayley defeated the women’s champion and Nia Jax.

Furthermore, The New Day defeated Cesaro and Sheamus to retain their tag team championship title. Not all fans saw these matches as real matches for some thought that nothing went out went out wrong in the show. Well, few things went out good while others wrong as the case may be in every other matches in a show.