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Did Big Show mistakenly announced his retirement?

Mark Henry’s most notable moment over the last few years since his Hall Of Pain run in 2011 was the fake retirement speech he gave on Raw in which he wore an orange suit and worked everyone into it.

Everyone was worked by the speech believing that The World’s Strongest Man was genuinely saying his farewell, and he ended up hitting John Cena with the World’s Strongest Slam. Henry recently spoke to Myles Galloway while promoting WWE 2K17, and he was speaking about his fake retirement speech.

He said that he wore the orange suit simply because he thought it was cool, and he wanted people to remember that moment.

However, he had no idea that the response would be as it had been. He said that he had gotten messages from several people appreciating him and his suit, but none more memorable than that of The World’s Largest Athlete, according to Henry.

“I guess the Big Show’s message was the best. He left me a message and said he is going to kill me, that he was sitting on the couch with his wife, crying, and said, that’s how you do me? You used me. You used my feelings, and I said, oh my bad.”

The Big Show and Mark Henry are among the few longest tenured WWE stars in The New Era. The two made their reputations as being WWE’s giants, and their body of work involves them having 8 World Championships between them. This practically guarantees their place in the Hall Of Fame.

As of now, both stars have transitioned into different roles,i.e, PR roles. Henry was recently the brand ambassador for WWE when representing the company in the Olympics. Both of their careers have wound down significantly and they are hardly ever featured on television.

However, it is only understandable as it is The New Era after all, and the focus is primarily on younger and newer talent. Both veterans do understand that fact, but either which ways never hesitated in helping to elevate younger stars, whether it was The Ruthless Aggression Era or the PG Era or The New Era.