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WWE Universe are all prepared to receive the top UFC superstar in the WWE main roster. It was earlier reported that the WWE would be adding to the roster a veteran that would be making the roster strong.

Naturally, one would imagine that people from various organizations would be interested in McGregor. There might not be any other who may be more interested in having him take part in their organization than WWE at this point.

As we know by now, Conor McGregor did insult the entire WWE roster a while back, and they all took to social media to address their frustrations. He said a lot of things about the current roster while trying to come off like an internet troll who claim they don’t watch because it isn’t like the Attitude Era anymore. However, Conor clearly has to be watching if he can name current day stars that one would not just know because of the media.

Obviously, WWE knows what Conor is doing, as the 28-year-old knows he cannot fight forever in the UFC. A job in the WWE afterward would keep him in the spotlight while also paying him well. Conor is a businessman, so he knows where the money is. It looks like WWE has an extreme interest in him too. According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE is desperately trying to bring in McGregor for an appearance of some kind soon.

They would love to have him in Orlando, Florida, for WrestleMania 33, considering it would be a nice area for Conor to make his WWE debut. He would not be the first UFC star to make an appearance in WWE. Ken Shamrock did it a long time ago and of course, Ronda Rousey had an amazing appearance back at WrestleMania 31. That said, clearly WWE sees the value in a Conor McGregor type of athlete that can help make them money.

According to Cageside Seats Triple H, who is not really a major MMA fan, did end up attending the UFC 205 event. Due to the event happening at Madison Square Garden, the McMahon family seem to have a home there any time they feel like it. It makes total sense that Triple H would be able to get tickets if he wanted them. Many are assuming that he was there to scout some people to see if they might have a way to bring them to the world of pro-wrestling.