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Bray Wyatt was in a match with Roman Reign at Milan, Italy, and led him to calf injury which he mistakenly injured himself. The fans that saw the injury purported that it looked very bad. It was thought to be knee, but the reports stated that it the calf problem.

The reports stated that Wyatt will go for treatment for a while, fans are not happy to see him out for a while, because he just getting into good track.

Due to his injury, he was left out of a big match at WrestleMania this year, but some say if not for the injury, he may get a big opportunity in the part with The Rock, and it seems that WWE may possibly sets match between him and Roman Reigns sometime soon.

Fortunately Wyatt’s injury ruin plans somehow, thought it may not be bad as people think. Wrestling Observer started that Wyatt is suffering a calf strain. However the injury will be taking like 6 months healing process.

With a bit of luck Bray Wyatt maybe return within 4 to 6 months, and Bray may have been thinking of returning to the stage. Guess he and his family will be off television for a while, and he may be opportune in the WWE Money in the Bank. There are some plans that could work for Wyatt.