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No doubt, even the next generation to come would still hear about the WWE reigning Charlotte Flair who had defiled some odds ever since her debut into the company main roster. The RAW superstar has been doing great.

On the 27th of February this year, Charlotte Flair had to make it known to the entire WWE universe about how she missed her dead brother Reid Flair who died some years ago in his hotel room. It was noted that Charlotte had to say this because it was to be Reid’s birthday.

Charlotte Flair’s tweet reads: “Happy Birthday Champ. Wish we were driving down 51 to Nakatos for sushi. I miss you more every year. I love you as big as the sky.” So painful as it is, Reid never lived to realize his dreams of becoming a great wrestler with the likes of his dad Ric Flair. Reid’s dreams had always been to be a professional wrestler like his dad, even at that, death only permitted him to have some success as an amateur wrestler.

More so, the death of Reid Flair happened At about 10:30am Charlotte time, on March 29, 2013, 9-1-1. It was announced that Reid was found unresponsive, in his hotel room bed, at the Charlotte Marriott-Residence Inn. When emergency responders arrived, they discovered that Reid had in fact passed away.

Furthermore, after some investigations, it was discovered that Reid died due to an excess intake of prescribed drugs. Oh, what a huge loss as Reid died at 25 having different Benzodiazepines in his system. May his soul rest in peace!